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Tom Bishop




"You present the characters and their situations, then you complicate their lives until they’re a living hell. Everything you set up has to be played out, of course, and then you wrap it up with, hopefully, a satisfying resolution or denouement."

Piñon Nuts

Sure, it sounds easy when you put it the way Matt does in my first novel. But getting from the first word on that blank white paper (or screen) to "The End" can be an arduous and lengthy journey. But I don't know any work that is more absorbing or enjoyable.

My interest in writing predates both my music and my photography. It would be impossible to include everything I've written on this website, so I've chosen a few examples of works that would give the reader some idea of how I write and what I write about. I've even included a compilation of passages from some of my favorite works by other writers to give the reader an idea of what I consider good writing. A few of my short stories and a play are reproduced on this site in their entirety. My two novels, for obvious reasons, are not. In a mix of my photography and writing, I've also included a page of my haiku poetry with accompanying images. If you're interested in more of my writing, or if you would like to offer some comments, feel free to contact me.


 [Note: Some screens will display the text of the stories and plays as very long lines. To read it in a more eye-friendly format, simply narrow the browser window.]