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The Pinon Nuts

No Easy Way Out









While I've always enjoyed shorter literary forms like short stories and plays, the lure of the larger canvas of a novel proved irresistable. Being able to follow relationships and events from beginning to end, with all the interconnectedness required to do that for several characters, lets me create characters with depth and personal history. I wrote both my novels around the turn of the century (which is the time frame of The Pion Nuts) and have tried unsuccessfully to get them published using the traditional methods. But the publishing business has changed a whole lot over the years since then and self-publishing is growing more practical and popular. Self-publishing also allows me to format the books exactly the way I want, as well as to design the covers, so these books look exactly the way I imagined them when I wrote them.

And now you can now buy both these novels in both paperback and digital form. (The prices quoted are for the print version. The Pion Nuts is almost three times as long.) You can order them directly from and they'll be delivered right to your door. Or quicker and cheaper, you can also download them in digital form to read them on a Kindle or a similar tablet. Clicking on the Amazon link below will take you to the Amazon site and you can find my books by entering my name and the title. Clicking on one of the covers below will bring you to an separate page on this website for either The Pion Nuts or No Easy Way Out with a short synopsis of the book.

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The Pion Nuts

No Easy Way Out




Cover - The Pinon Nuts

No Easy Way Out