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Tom Bishop
Personal Bio

In addition to the music-oriented biographical information on the previous page, I thought I'd give some insight, through text and photos, into some of the people who have helped guide both my personal and my professional life.

I am the middle child of a middle-class family, born in the middle month of the middle year of the last century. As such, my family life was somewhere in the middle of the scale from completely normal to traumatically weird. For a look at my immediate family, click on The Bishops.

Tom Bishop


The story of the Bishops starts with my grandparents, Louis and Louise Poltevecque. My father, Bob Bishop, was a professional musician from Chicago. My mother Marge Bishop attended college, raised five children, and entered the full-time workforce in middle age. My sisters all married and moved away from our home town of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I hope to extend this presentation into a pictorial autobiography as well.