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National Parks Of The American Rockies

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National Parks And Monuments - Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah



Perhaps America's greatest contribution to world culture is the concept of the national park. Starting with the wonders of Yellowstone and Yosemite, forward-thinking Americans have set aside cherished places for preservation not only from exploitation but also from overuse. The words inscribed over the original entrance to Yellowstone--"For the benefit and enjoyment of the people"--have established a creed that we as a nation use to guide our uncertain steps.

While each park and monument is special in its own way, I have a particular fondness for the national parks of the American Rockies: Glacier, Yellowstone, the Tetons, and Rocky Mountain National Park. Being from Colorado and traveling for my business up and down the front tier of the Rockies, these parks have drawn me back time and again. So I've created a special category for these special parks, with more extensive coverage and a few special features. Click on a park name at left to explore further.