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The Pinon Nuts

No Easy Way Out






No Easy Way Out

No Easy Way Out

New Yorker T. J. Brewster works for a Mob-connected internet start-up that provides him with an expense account that he’s overdrawn by tens of thousands of dollars. He also has, or thinks he has, a hard-working wife and an actress girlfriend plus a paralyzing fear of heights in a city of skyscrapers. When his house of cards begins to tumble around his head, he soon discovers that his mom, his wife, his girlfriend, his kids, and his friends have long since caught on to his usual method of borrowing enough to keep him living beyond his—or their—means. Exiled to his daughter’s place in Montana, his worst fears are realized in the form of a Mob hit-man headed right for him. He sets out on a low-speed get-away around the American West with about as much plan as a pinball has. Even when the glare of the national spotlight falls upon him for an unlikely moment of heroism, he finds his long-unused spine and some unsuspected personal integrity but still, as usual, he finds no easy way out.

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