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The Pinon Nuts

No Easy Way Out







The Pion Nuts

What look like kernels of corn
in the photo below are pi๑on nuts.

In August of 1999, May Mendoza loses her mother Amanda. While settling her affairs, May finds a long-forgotten pledge signed three decades before by some of Amanda's friends, who call themselves the Pion Nuts, to reunite for the millennial New Year's Eve. She also finds a letter to her mother from Jason, one of the friends who has been missing since he threatened President Nixon in 1970, that seems to imply that May's father was not who she thought and that her mother considered aborting her. In the course of her search for the truth about this alternate reality, the remaining Pion Nuts, now living complicated lives in New York, Seattle, and the Colorado high country, get back in touch with each other, though they agree that gathering in the same room, especially for the last night of the Twentieth Century, would be nearly impossible. In the course of this intimate book, written by a Colorado musician about a musician, May discovers an extended, caring family she never knew she had and the scattered Pion Nuts discover that, despite the miles and years that separate them, the tenuous bonds of friendship and love endure.


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Cover - The Pinon Nuts