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Tom Bishop Performing Live At Fairmont Hot Springs, September, 2016


In the fall of 2016, my three sisters came to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort near Butte, Montana, to hear me play a gig that's been a mainstay of my performance career. We set up my Lumix camera to take videos of me performing on stage and captured some fun moments and typical takes on a variety of songs. I've now uploaded some clips to YouTube. To view them, click the links to the right. (There are also links to most of these clips on my Song List pages.)

A few words of explanation are in order. The videos were shot using just my standard stage lighting so the resolution isn't great. The audio portion was captured by the tiny microphone in the camera, so the sound is mono and low fidelity compared to what you would hear through my Bose system. (There are many recordings of my performances on my Song List pages that are closer to the sound quality one hears in the room.) Since my sisters were sitting by the camera, you hear their voices more clearly than mine.

I don't use rehearsed routines on stage, relying instead on requests, so all the interactions you see are spontaneous. Since my responses are to the folks in the room, you should know that the intro to "Sweet Caroline" includes an improvised quiz to see who came the farthest to see me. My sisters came from California, Colorado, and Vermont, my friend Maria is from Mexico, and my good friend Judy Belknap's family came from Slovenia. Judy took many of the promotional images of me you see on this website. Also, I sing "Louie, Louise" as a tribute to my late grandparents, Louie and Louise Poltevecque.

Amarillo By Morning
Brown Eyed Girl
Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues
Hey Baby (Que Paso)
If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body
Louie Louie
Oh Pretty Woman
Pretzel Logic
Sweet Caroline
Tequila Sunrise
Walk Of Life
The World's Oldest Boy
You Can Leave Your Hat On