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Enjoy The Ride
Doin' Time
Through The Years
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Tom Bishop


 About Tom Bishop's song "Doin' Time"--

I'd swear I could hear Eric Clapton singing the last cut [from your demo] on his next album. . .  I wanted to commend you on some excellent songwriting.
--Frank Sardella
Producer, Material Worth Publishing

While I've reconstructed hundreds of songs from dozens of artists, I'm proudest of the songs I've written himself. I didn't become a professional musician just to copy other people's work. I've been writing songs since my mid-teens and am still actively working on original material today. I find a release in songwriting that I don't find any other way. The original songs take a lot more work though, because I have to not only learn all the parts, I have to write all the parts in the first place. The trickiest part to writing and recording original songs by myself? I can't rehearse. I can't sit down with the band and goof around with a song until I get it right. So most of the time now I record all the parts of a song in a rough version to get a feel for it and then go back and rerecord all the parts in a more polished version. It takes a lot more time that way but the results are a lot better. My original songs don't fall into one particular genre. I've written country songs like "Treat Me Like A Dog", rock songs like "Miss Judy," even jazz tunes like "Sunset Cafe." But that's what keeps it interesting for me.

My CDs are listed at left. Clicking a CD title will show the cover and some brief notes, along with a list of the songs on the CD. Clicking a song title will show the lyrics of the song. Song titles followed by an asterisk (*) include an excerpt of the song. (It may take a few moments for the mp3 to load on your computer. If the excerpt doesn't play automatically, click the song title.)

Copies of my latest CD can be ordered on the Enjoy The Ride page. Copies of the other CDs can be purchased by e-mailing (include which CD you'd like to order and the number of copies you'd like. I'll include an invoice and self-addressed stamped envelope for your convenience.)